Monofrax offers glass manufacturers a wide range of fused cast refractories, including AZS, high Zirconia, alumina and chrome products in twelve different product chemistries. These products have been engineered in dozens of shapes and hundreds of sizes utilizing different casting techniques. Backed by Monofrax’s strong tradition of innovation, engineering expertise and product excellence, Monofrax fused cast refractories offer a reliable and cost effective solution to the challenges of modern glass furnace environments. Most importantly, the outstanding performance of Monofrax refractory products is based on a continuous commitment to the complex needs of our customers in the glass industry. Monofrax products have proven their value in other industries as well, such as black liquor gasifiers for the pulp and paper industry, light metal reduction cells, skid rail applications in steel reheat furnaces, and wear resistance applications.

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AZS Fused Cast Refractories

Monofrax manufactures three types of AZS (alumina/zirconia/silica) products with varying levels of zirconia content. All three exhibit the same type of microstructure involving a high alumina sodium-silicate glass phase, monoclinic zirconia phase, and a co-precipitate phase of zirconia and corundum (corundum grains with embedded zirconia).

High Alumina Fused Cast Refractories

Monofrax manufactures three types of high alumina refractory products with varying levels of sodium oxide, which promotes formation of sodium beta-alumina phase. The grain boundary phase makes up less than 1% of microstructure.

High Zirconia Fused Cast Refractories

Monofrax supplies three types of high zirconia refractories – Z, ZHR and ZUHR. All three products consist of two primary phases – monoclinic zirconia and a glassy grain boundary phase. The ZHR and ZUHR chemistries have been engineered to achieve higher electrical resistivity to meet the demands of the specialty glass industry.

Spinel Fused Cast Refractories

Monofrax manufactures three types of fused cast spinel refractories – L, K-3 and E.

Fused Grain

Monofrax manufactures several fused grain compositions for use in bonded refractories.

Monofrax Alumina Fused Cast Crowns

Monofrax LLC, the world leader in fused cast crown technology for oxy-fuel furnaces, continues to set the standard for this market.

Monofrax Assembled Lip Spouts

Monofrax LLC offers fully assembled Monofrax M spouts in a steel casing for the float glass industry.