August 18, 2016 Monofrax

Monofrax® K-3 is a fusion-cast refractory consisting primarily of two crystalline phases, a chromium Spinel and Chrome-Alumina Corundum solid solution and a minor silicate glassy phase, with a trace level of free metal. Owing to the extremely low solubility of the Chromic oxide in most Silicate glasses, K-3 refractory offers the best corrosion resistance among the fusion-cast refractories commercially available. Due to the coloring potential of the chromic oxide, this refractory is recommended for select applications. Monofrax K-3 refractory was invented by Monofrax technical staff in the 1960’s for application in furnaces melting insulating fiber glass. This product has found applications in many other high temperature processes, such as nuclear waste vitrification and container glass furnace throat blocks.

Typical Applications

  • Nuclear Waste Vitrification
  • Fiberglass furnace
    • All glass contact areas
    • Recuperator linings
  • Container glass furnace
    • Throat facers
    • Throat covers

Available Casting Techniques

  • Regular Cast
  • Epic-3 (Void-free)

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