Z Zirconia

Z Zirconia
August 18, 2016 Monofrax

Monofrax Z is a fusion-cast refractory consisting primarily of a crystalline Zirconia phase and a soda-alumina-silica glassy matrix phase. This refractory is known to provide the lowest potential for seed and blister formation in a wide range of molten glasses. It also provides excellent corrosion resistance against certain types of specialty glasses that have low alkali content. Since the early 1990’s, Monofrax has offered this refractory for niche applications that require high glass quality and superior corrosion resistance. Examples of its applications include furnaces melting aluminosilicate, borosilicate, fluorine opal, crystal, tubing, and, most recently, TFT-LCD substrate glasses.

Typical Applications

  • Glass contact areas for specialty glasses
    • Aluminosilicate
    • Borosilicate
    • Opal
    • Glass ceramic
    • TFT-LCD
    • Crystal

Available Casting Techniques

  • Epic-3 (Void-free)

For information regarding typical chemistry and physical properties, please contact us at or by calling 716-483-7200.